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While the interviews that we do may be interesting, our show wouldn't be nearly as pleasant without the musical accompaniment. Int Ice will present new music for each of its segments, highlighting the best independent music that we can find. We encourage our listeners to go check out other music by these groups and, perhaps, stick your thumb in the eye of the music industry by buying independent CD's.

Neon Macaw

Neon Macaw is the sole creation of Frank Sheridan of Spokane, Washington, who writes, composes, performs, and produces his own music. One of the aspects we like most about Frank’s music is that each song has its own strong individuality and flavor. In his own words, Neon Macaw is, “A musical project dedicated to creating the sounds of the 21st Century Electric Lounge.” We’re not exactly sure what this means, but we are sure we thoroughly enjoy Frank’s music. Listen to more Neon Macaw at

Zero Depth

The music of Zero Depth, AKA Shinobi 009, is the creation of one individual. This artist is influenced by the sounds of a diverse variety of musicians, and though traces of some of them are audible in his music, he strives to create a sound that is singularly his own. You can check out Zero Depth on his page, or if you are a MySpace user, you can find him here. He is also a DJ who spins in the San Francisco bay area, so if you find yourself in that corner of the world, you may be fortunate enough to catch him live.


Jon Bernstein is the creative genius behind Disparition’s music. This is some of the best mood music we’ve found, with moods that are rich, intriguing, and varied. In our estimation, Jon is achieving his goal: “to provide intense atmospherics and create visual stimulus for the listener through purely instrumental music.” You can find more than 20 of Jon’s songs on the Disparition website, including solo piano works. You can also find some of this California band’s music at


Lead by Kevin Meinart, this group of musicians, programmers, and artists have produced an excellent collection of electronic music. The flavor of their music is very eclectic, ranging from dark and moody to bouncy and energetic. We were briefly considering doing an all-subatomicglue background for our first show, but decided to side with variety. You can bet you'll be hearing more of their stuff from us in the future.


We're going to have to listen to more of Nicholas's stuff before giving an intelligent review, but we definitely enjoyed June. In addition to producing elegant music, Nicholas also has a notable interest in photography. You can check out his music in depth on SoundClick

Synthetic Movements

This artist is both talented and prolific, having a collection of 109 songs over on ACIDplanet. We'll get through them all eventually, but in the mean time we hope you enjoy the excellent opening and closing that he's provided for our show.